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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Lunch with Alec was wonderful. We walked to his flat in a very circuitous way and went up for a visit, then, crossed the road to a very nice Tapas place where he told us fabulous tales of dinner with Rex Harrison, drinks with Carol Channing, film sets with Peter O'Toole, dinner at the White House with the Carters, and lots of touring. When we left him, we made a quick stop back at the flat to grab the i-pad and then went to Kings Road to get a sim card & activate an account over here so we don't have to pay roaming charges outside of the flat. That accomplished, we made stops at Kheils, Mark's & Spencer's, and a few small shops along the way back. We stopped by St Luke's, Chelsae where they were serving tea on the porch but just missed the 'last call'. It is a lovely building on vast grounds where they've taken up almost all of the head stones & used them as a border about the wall & drive so that the grounds could be turned into a play ground and football field to one side and a beautiful garden on the other. I'm sure the owners of the stones didn't mind and they were all worn almost completely smooth so you couldn't tell who's was who's anyway.

Home. Rest. Bathe & dress. Off to the local Pub for fish & chips, steak & kidney pie & a few pints then back to Westminster to cross the bridge & ride the London Eye. Even for someone who's sometimes been stuck on his roof while putting up Christmas lights (yes, there have been one or two times that I had to wait for Himself to come up the ladder and sort of climb down with me... I can be that afraid of heights) it was amazing. The view at night cannot be believed and the sun set just before we reached the top. The thing is 135 meters high. (135 meter = 442.913 385 83 feet)

After, a stroll back across the bridge, lots of photos, a quick trip on the under ground and we're back in the flat having a nightcap. And, a few minutes before 11:00, I'll say good night. Tomorrow's a long day with lots to do before we must ready for drinks with friends of D & M before the performance of Warhorse and dinner.

Stay tuned.

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