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Thursday, August 18, 2011

So, Himself is leaving a trail of stuff all over Britain. This A.M. I discovered he left the hair brush, deodorant and shaving cream in the bath at Staughton Harold House so we had to, after considerable discussion of who’d done this, go to the chemist’s & replace them. Had “Proper Porridge” at Pret a Manger and then came back to the hotel, got everything together, checked out & took the car to the car park outside the wall. We then did a bit of shopping on the way to the cathedral, in which Margaret, Himself & I attended Mass some 17 years ago & had a good look around but this time, we popped for the 5 pounds & got the audio guide as Dennis & Mark had never been. It was a fascinating, well done tour and as an added bonus, I ran into the woman who organizes the flower gild & we talked shop for a few minutes. We then went into the cloister to take a photo in about the same place Christopher & I posed 17 years ago. 
After the Cathedral,  we went to the ruins/excavation of the old Roman (yes, I know... everything Roman is OLD) amphitheatre, shopping a bit more on the way, and then walked the walls back to the car park on the river side of town. We piled in & set off for the lakes, a 2 hour drive mostly on the M6. About an hour into the journey we stopped for a pint a snack at the Priory Inn in a small remote village reached by crossing a bridge barely wide enough for the Chevy and CLEARLY marked ‘WEAK BRIDGE‘ then through a tunnel that I believe Dennis only went through because there was no way/where to turn about and go back. The village was lovely as was the food. I had Black Pudding on toast with red onion preserves Margaret!
Back in the car and we took the scenic route which was a bit harrowing at times due to the two lanes being about a lane & a third wide with people walking the pavement on both sides and cars flying by in the opposite direction but Dennis did a brilliant job of driving us here as I made a feeble attempt to navigate. Thank God for Garmin!
I’m now in the Conservatory at The Olde Vicarage, Ambleside where, as the door is open, it’s about 58F and there’s a mist falling. Dennis, Mark and Himself are upstairs resting and we reconvene here in a few minutes to walk to dinner. 
More in a while I’m sure as this town pretty much closes by 9:00.

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