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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post Script

I’m at work now. I came in yesterday for a half day after the chiropractor. This was a good thing because nothing had changed & I was ready to leave after a few hours. I needed to work my way back.
Got home yesterday to find himself in a cranky mood as the internet/cable/phone had been out all day and after 35 minutes on the phone with them and telling them about the very ill old lady who lived there so we couldn’t be without phone (leaving out the part that she wasn’t actually there and wouldn’t be for 2 weeks... it’s like I’m on vacation still) got them to come out the same day instead of Wednesday. They showed & pronounced it’s the line & they’ll have to send someone today to replace that.
Then, this morning, Himself’s car wouldn’t start. Dead. Very cranky. Not a pleasant ride to work with him. Ahhhhhhh. The real world. Cable’s got nothing on my life! Maybe I'll skip the book & go straight to television...

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