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Monday, August 15, 2011

Our last full day in town

So here we are on our last day in town. 
Up this morning & Dennis did the eggs & bacon then after dressing, he & Mark headed into the city for some business at the Bank of England. While Himself readied, I pressed shirts & trousers for the theatre tonight then we headed for the underground. Arrived at Lambeth and headed to the Imperial War Museum. Guess who won that coin toss!
Interesting to see tanks, big guns, bombs and planes from such a spread of years all together to notice the differences & new developments. Also a very moving and well done Holocaust exhibit through which I wept a few times.
Headed down Lambeth Road to Lambeth Palace. More of a fortress. Not at all what I’d have expected but I can say I’ve been to the seat of The Anglican Communion even if Rowan wasn’t available to see me.
Walked back across Lambeth bridge & to Westminster Cathedral (RC,) not to be confused with The Abbey (CofE,) and had a look around. Nice place built in the late 19th century to look much older. Might be finished in the future. Marble & plaster only go up about 16 of the 40 feet leaving the brick exposed and the ceiling is unfinished but full of nice monuments, tombs and such. 
Walked to Victoria Station, such crowds in the middle of the day, and headed back to South Kensington. Grabbed take away from Pret a Manger and returned to the flat for a rest (euphemism for my packing while Himself naps) and will soon be dressing to go to the show. We’ll dine after, perhaps at the Grill at the Savoy, and be home late. 
We are being picked up by the car & driver at 9:30 in the morning to go to Heathrow & get our rental car in which we then head north for the day ending up at Martin & Michael’s so I might not be able to do any typing for the next 36 to 48 hours (we’ll be driving, touring, drinking & dining with friends twice in that order for the next two days & the next place to stop will be Ambleside at The Old Vicarage on Thursday afternoon.)

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