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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And one more for today...

So we reached our B & B shortly after 5:00, checked in, did a bit of un-packing and had about an hour’s rest before dressing and heading out for dinner. We walked along the river front, checking out menus until we decided. Nico’s. A ‘French/Scottish brasserie.’ They were well trained... if they were trying to ignore us. One couple who’ been seated just after us, got up & left. We were discussing leaving when the waiter showed up and asked if we were ready to order. He seemed quite taken aback that we wanted to order drinks. When we finally got food, it was like a trip to heaven. We had venison carpaccio & smoked salmon for starters and I could have left happy then but that was followed by lamb chops, steak & ale pie, fish & chips and a lovely Pino Noir. For sweet there was banana creme brulee with baileys ice cream & tiramisue & port & muscat. It was orgasmic. Somewhere during dinner, we realized that we were the only gays in the village apparently but they’ll survive. Be Calm and Carry On! 
We staggered back along the river, past the fly fisherman, to the B & B and, having had a night cap as the sun disappeared about 20 minutes ago at about 9:55, are now getting settled in for the night. Breakfast is at 8:00 and we’re ‘wheels up’ by 9:30 and heading t Fort George. Then, we’ll do the lake and try to get in at least 1 more historic site on the drive back to Peebles.
Good night for now.  

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