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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home again, home again

So, we’re actually home. The Grosvenor in London was the ONLY place we stayed that didn’t have free wi-fi so nothing got posted from there & the Skylounge at Heathrow is not Delta’s lounge, it’s shared by all eight of their partner airlines so my platinum card wouldn’t get me in. Nothing got posted from there. Consequently, there will be several posts going up during the course of today. I don’t want to put it all up as one as it would be VERY long.
As I said, we’re home. Landed at a bit after one yesterday and were home by three. I’d done three loads of laundry by seven and at eight, we ordered a pizza & were in bed by nine Having got up at five, left the hotel at six it was then two AM for our bodies! 
So, We went to a lovely place a few blocks from the hotel at half eight Saturday night & had a wonderful last meal. Himself had curry & I had a rib eye. The food was excellent & the service was good. It was pub-like but was a bakery/tea room that also served dinner & had a full bar. Popular with the locals because a party of six came in & asked for a specific table. Then a group from the French Embassy (guessing here but it was just down the road) and knew the staff by name. As it was a bakery, we felt obliged to have dessert & port. 
Back to Grosvenor. Bed by ten.
As I said above, up at five, downstairs at six. No breakfast. A mix-up about the time. Walked 10 blocks to the Hyde Park Corner underground station which turned out to be closed for the weekend due to maintenance. We could have taken a cab to an open station but, by the time I’d hailed a cab & got us & our luggage into it, my sub-conscious couldn’t bear the thought of getting out & shlepping down long flights of stairs to the underground and my mouth just said “Heathrow”. So, instead of my brilliant plan to get us to the airport for ten pounds, it was five times that. Oh well. I wasn’t sure which station would be the next one open anyway so...
Got to Heathrow, eventually got the bags checked, couldn’t get into the lounge, had to have breakfast at Starbucks, got to the gate and onto the plane which took off on time. 
It was a rough-ish flight as we skirted the edges of Irene but uneventful. I watched ‘Water for Elephants’ and ‘Of Gods & Men’ as well as reading most of ‘Sarah’s Key.’ It wasn’t a cheerful flight but Himself & I had our row of three to ourselves so we were less uncomfortable and the wine with lunch was acceptable. Immigration was, as always, crowded, hot, loud & less than pleasant but we got through and were hardly acknowledged by customs. 
Unpacking, laundry, three weeks of mail (that will take a day or two,) bills. The joys of coming home. 
Himself has fed me and now I must bathe, dress & head to the chiropractor for an adjustment (my head has turned less & less for the last ten days) and then to work and see if I still have a job. Hmmmmm... not sure what I want that answer to be...
I hope you’ve enjoyed, or at least found this informative. It’s been interesting and entertaining keeping a blog so perhaps for the one of you who’s always asking when the book is coming out, I’ll start doing this more often under a different heading. We’ll see. 
Anyway, the vacation’s over & life awaits so....

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