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Monday, October 8, 2012

homeward bound

So, the last day. Up early (6ish) and get us ready (read showered, dressed & packed times 3!). Down to breakfast at 8:45. If there was ANYTHING in the dinning room that the crazy Mamma shouldn’t have eaten, she did. Breakfast in Mexico is a bit scary anyway... to me at least. Refried beans with cheese, a tortia dish that was like soggy doritos (which I'm now told by David is called Chilaquiles), a completely unidentifiable dish, chunks of chicken in a sauce of tomato & chiles, eggs, chocolate cake, dinner rolls, cookies and fruit. That was the buffet.

Brushed teeth, grabbed luggage, grabbed a cab & off we went. 

Check-in was fine. Gotta love traveling with someone in a wheelchair. You’re next at security.

Of course, Mother was sure at EVERY step that something would go wrong.
First on the plane. Takeoff fine. Snacks come & again she eats everything she shouldn’t. 
By the time we got home, which took a bit because of the shuttle to the parking lot, she seemed about to pass out. Her blood sugar was just shy of 400. That would be the 2 apple juices, peanuts, potato chips, and the chocolate bar she ate.

Oh well.

Medicated her. Fed her. Went to dinner at Anne’s to see Felicity. Back home. Mother in bed. going to watch Glee.
Great weekends are always followed by work. The alarm goes off very early.

But, it was an AbFab weekend and I can wait for the next trip!

photos tomorrow I hope.

Day 3 ends well...

So, after an un-nap... Himself slept through all three times the maid knocked, we got ourselves ready and headed out with Ruy & Virginia for dinner at a very nice 100 year old Resteraunt in a 400 year old palace. Great enchiladas & great flan.

Then, we walked across the road to the theatre, a gargantuan 1920ish deco masterpiece complete with a Tiffany curtain and dome in the rotunda. Marble & carved wood everywhere. The Ballet Folklorica was marvelous. Great costumes, a cast of 40 or 50, very high energy. Almost as many steps as the pyramid. Mother should sleep well.

Cab back, farewells in the lobby. Up early in the morning to pack, breakfast & leave for the airport at 9:30 for our 12:30 flight back to reality.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day three begins

Day three.

It seemed very early at 7:30. 

Got mother situated, got me situated, got Himself situated & we were down at breakfast at 8:30. Nice enough meal in the Veranda. Relaxed in the lobby. Chatted with Ruy's friend Gustavo & his kids. Ruy & Virginia arrived at 10:00 and after a bit of conversation with Gustavo who was leaving today, we hopped into our hired van with driver & guide and headed out. First stop, plaza de las tres culturas. Aztec ruins in front of a colonial Spanish church (built with stones from the Aztec temple after they killed them which is how It became a ruin, surrounding this are 1960's apartment buildings & a former gov't building.

Back on the road for the 45ish minute drive to the pyramids of the sun & moon.
Guide took mother & Virginia to a cafe while Ruy, Himself & I went exploring. Hot. Much walking. Much climbing. 248 steps. Made by people who must have been at least 8 feet tall as most of the are about a 10 inch rise. But not all. No rhyme or reason to the tall step short step pattern. Also, these people seem to have all worn about a size 3 shoe. Had to come down sideways. No rails most of the way up or down. Now depth perception. Very thin air. Old. Didn't make it to the top. One flight short. Currently feeling 85ish. Hope to make it to dinner & Ballet Folklorica tonight. Hope to get hold of chiropractor in the AM & have him waiting when plane lands. Everything hurts.

Lunch after... Cold beer! Slept in van on way home as did everyone.

More later. After nap. Tylenol.

Day two continues

Day two continues

So, it was more like an hour and then some. They're required to do an EKG on all 1st time patients and mother had on long underwear which they had to convince her to take off, in the treatment room, and they finally had to come get me to get one of her bracelets off. Inspire of all this she was her charming, smiling, cheerful self as we left. Our driver had returned and WAITED! Of course, once in the cab, the other mother arrived! She bitched about everything, got to 'I'm NEVER traveling again' and made it to 'I'll just die!' all in a 5 minute cab ride. I think I tipped the driver the same as the fare because a) he waited & b) the looks in the rear view during mother's meltdown were priceless. Besides, I think it's monopoly money.

Hotel, mother's feet up, my backside in the bar. 

The crew arrived & I brought mother down to join us in the bar for a bit then we headed out at 8:00. 

The first Resteraunt was serado. We headed off to another. The Cardinal. In the Hilton. It too was closed. By this time the crazy woman's blood sugar was crashing so we went to the other Resteraunt at the Hilton. The food was great and it wasn't terribly dear. A very pleasant meal. Back to the hotel, goodnights to Virginia and goodbyes to Deanna who was flying out at o'dark hundred. Got mother into her room and settled for the night, changed into jeans & pullover, met Himself & Ruy downstairs & grabbed a cab back into town for a nightcap. First time I've ever been patted down on my way into a bar! Interesting. Two beers, good night to Ruy, who stayed, & a cab back. In bed by  2.

More later.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day two.
Slept well. The party was marvelous. The group of mostly expat friends (with a Canadian & an Irish for good measure were all quite interested in meeting mother so she was in her element with a whole new audience to whom she could recount her stories. Virginia was quite surprised when she arrived at the party and, fair to say very shocked to see mother!

Lovely fruit plate followed by the Mexican equivalent of lasagna which, while a bit much for breakfast, was delicioso! Dessert, tres leches. My favorite. All accompanied by a trio of singers with guitars.

At 13:50, I packed mother into a cab for the 15 minute ride to the Clinica Hemodialysis, conveniently located on some as yet to be identified floor in the middle of the Sanitorium Dorango. After the initial interview, which covered ALL the info I'd emailed last week,  and 30 minutes of her having several more people to tell everything to without seeming to realize or care that they had little, if any clue, they whisked her off to the treatment room & wouldn't let me go. Perfect!

I asked the English speaking one to tell her I couldn't follow, give her her book &, tell her I'd be back in 3 1/2 hours. It took me longer to find my way back to the street than it did to walk back to the hotel! 

The last guests were leaving and Pilar took Himself & me for a walk to the main boulevard to see the statue of winged victory. We wondered back through the Pink Zona (yes... Gay Gheto. Complete with big signs to either tell you you've found Shangrala or to warn you away) and we caught up with Ruy at the Plaza del Angel, a massive antiques mall that has about 100 extra vendors set up on the sidewalks & stairs on Saturday. 

After browsing a bit, Himself & I headed back to the hotel and I struck off for the Clinic. Again, it took less time to walk here (10 or 12 blocks sort of) than it did to find the clinic. Mother is of course not ready so here I sit in a waiting area that is down a 1/2 flight around a corner, down a passage & up a flight. I may never find her again.

I've found it very comforting that instead of 'in case of fire, do not use elevator' the signs here all say, in several languages, 'Do not use elevator during earthquake or fire.' ...NOT!

Himself has turned out to be very excited that I left my wallet at home. I've been out without him, past numerous shops, galleries & markets & have come home empty handed. He has decided, and I confess, not without demonstrable experience, that my forgetting my credit cards may save us upwards of $1500. Poor Amex! I may from hence forth be required to leave home without it!

When I get mother back, we'll hop a cab to the hotel and have her rest for an hour then, Ruy, Virginia, and Deanna will meet us to go to dinner. 
(Mother just called to tell me 10 minutes. She sounds fine.)
Not sure where we're going but there's talk of an old hacienda. Tomorrow, brunch & a walk about and Ballet Folklorica after dinner.

So far, so good. Perhaps we can travel a bit more with the mamma. 

The great English adventure heads to Mexico!

Day one, successfully un eventful! If you overlook my leaving my money clips (with all my money, credit cards & stuff in it) at home & Himself leaving his new blazer in the cab.

Flight was fine. Met at the aero puerto by Ruy (Eddie - I will be totally crazed by Monday from the use of his two names... We grew up calling him Eddie but as an adult I began calling him Ruy which is what everyone but his mother & mine call him. Now, I have to stop & think about it) changed some money & headed to the hotel. Lovely old (1918) rambling hulk with a library, atrium, sidewalk cafe, bar, and what seem like hundreds of twisty, turny passages with scattered displays of antique clothing, silver, books, bull fighting costumes and other things. 
Nice rooms. Also, a wheel chair for our use into which, after we'd unpacked, we trundled mother & walked to a charming place for dinner. Christopher had the best dish. A chile stuffed with seasoned beef and smothered in a cream sauce with pomegranate seeds. Great service.
Home, stopping at the shop for Tylenol & antihistamine for my altitude headache. 
Settled mother in.
Went to the bar for a night cap (they only stock Jack Daniels - we are in the 3rd world) and then to bed with a cold cloth.

Up this AM, showered, got the mother situated. Endured 20 minutes of 'I'm going to die today' but she ran out of steam & is dressing. As we must. Call is 9:30 in the banquet hall for Virginia's 10:00 arrival. 

More later. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Post post script

I have it on authority from Dennis that we saw 6 castles/palaces, 3 abbeys, 8 performances, 2 military bases, 5 attractions, 6 museums and did nearly 2,000 miles of driving in a car that was as wide as some of the roads we took.

I need a vacation!