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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day three begins

Day three.

It seemed very early at 7:30. 

Got mother situated, got me situated, got Himself situated & we were down at breakfast at 8:30. Nice enough meal in the Veranda. Relaxed in the lobby. Chatted with Ruy's friend Gustavo & his kids. Ruy & Virginia arrived at 10:00 and after a bit of conversation with Gustavo who was leaving today, we hopped into our hired van with driver & guide and headed out. First stop, plaza de las tres culturas. Aztec ruins in front of a colonial Spanish church (built with stones from the Aztec temple after they killed them which is how It became a ruin, surrounding this are 1960's apartment buildings & a former gov't building.

Back on the road for the 45ish minute drive to the pyramids of the sun & moon.
Guide took mother & Virginia to a cafe while Ruy, Himself & I went exploring. Hot. Much walking. Much climbing. 248 steps. Made by people who must have been at least 8 feet tall as most of the are about a 10 inch rise. But not all. No rhyme or reason to the tall step short step pattern. Also, these people seem to have all worn about a size 3 shoe. Had to come down sideways. No rails most of the way up or down. Now depth perception. Very thin air. Old. Didn't make it to the top. One flight short. Currently feeling 85ish. Hope to make it to dinner & Ballet Folklorica tonight. Hope to get hold of chiropractor in the AM & have him waiting when plane lands. Everything hurts.

Lunch after... Cold beer! Slept in van on way home as did everyone.

More later. After nap. Tylenol.

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