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Monday, October 8, 2012

homeward bound

So, the last day. Up early (6ish) and get us ready (read showered, dressed & packed times 3!). Down to breakfast at 8:45. If there was ANYTHING in the dinning room that the crazy Mamma shouldn’t have eaten, she did. Breakfast in Mexico is a bit scary anyway... to me at least. Refried beans with cheese, a tortia dish that was like soggy doritos (which I'm now told by David is called Chilaquiles), a completely unidentifiable dish, chunks of chicken in a sauce of tomato & chiles, eggs, chocolate cake, dinner rolls, cookies and fruit. That was the buffet.

Brushed teeth, grabbed luggage, grabbed a cab & off we went. 

Check-in was fine. Gotta love traveling with someone in a wheelchair. You’re next at security.

Of course, Mother was sure at EVERY step that something would go wrong.
First on the plane. Takeoff fine. Snacks come & again she eats everything she shouldn’t. 
By the time we got home, which took a bit because of the shuttle to the parking lot, she seemed about to pass out. Her blood sugar was just shy of 400. That would be the 2 apple juices, peanuts, potato chips, and the chocolate bar she ate.

Oh well.

Medicated her. Fed her. Went to dinner at Anne’s to see Felicity. Back home. Mother in bed. going to watch Glee.
Great weekends are always followed by work. The alarm goes off very early.

But, it was an AbFab weekend and I can wait for the next trip!

photos tomorrow I hope.

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