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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day two continues

Day two continues

So, it was more like an hour and then some. They're required to do an EKG on all 1st time patients and mother had on long underwear which they had to convince her to take off, in the treatment room, and they finally had to come get me to get one of her bracelets off. Inspire of all this she was her charming, smiling, cheerful self as we left. Our driver had returned and WAITED! Of course, once in the cab, the other mother arrived! She bitched about everything, got to 'I'm NEVER traveling again' and made it to 'I'll just die!' all in a 5 minute cab ride. I think I tipped the driver the same as the fare because a) he waited & b) the looks in the rear view during mother's meltdown were priceless. Besides, I think it's monopoly money.

Hotel, mother's feet up, my backside in the bar. 

The crew arrived & I brought mother down to join us in the bar for a bit then we headed out at 8:00. 

The first Resteraunt was serado. We headed off to another. The Cardinal. In the Hilton. It too was closed. By this time the crazy woman's blood sugar was crashing so we went to the other Resteraunt at the Hilton. The food was great and it wasn't terribly dear. A very pleasant meal. Back to the hotel, goodnights to Virginia and goodbyes to Deanna who was flying out at o'dark hundred. Got mother into her room and settled for the night, changed into jeans & pullover, met Himself & Ruy downstairs & grabbed a cab back into town for a nightcap. First time I've ever been patted down on my way into a bar! Interesting. Two beers, good night to Ruy, who stayed, & a cab back. In bed by  2.

More later.

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