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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The great English adventure heads to Mexico!

Day one, successfully un eventful! If you overlook my leaving my money clips (with all my money, credit cards & stuff in it) at home & Himself leaving his new blazer in the cab.

Flight was fine. Met at the aero puerto by Ruy (Eddie - I will be totally crazed by Monday from the use of his two names... We grew up calling him Eddie but as an adult I began calling him Ruy which is what everyone but his mother & mine call him. Now, I have to stop & think about it) changed some money & headed to the hotel. Lovely old (1918) rambling hulk with a library, atrium, sidewalk cafe, bar, and what seem like hundreds of twisty, turny passages with scattered displays of antique clothing, silver, books, bull fighting costumes and other things. 
Nice rooms. Also, a wheel chair for our use into which, after we'd unpacked, we trundled mother & walked to a charming place for dinner. Christopher had the best dish. A chile stuffed with seasoned beef and smothered in a cream sauce with pomegranate seeds. Great service.
Home, stopping at the shop for Tylenol & antihistamine for my altitude headache. 
Settled mother in.
Went to the bar for a night cap (they only stock Jack Daniels - we are in the 3rd world) and then to bed with a cold cloth.

Up this AM, showered, got the mother situated. Endured 20 minutes of 'I'm going to die today' but she ran out of steam & is dressing. As we must. Call is 9:30 in the banquet hall for Virginia's 10:00 arrival. 

More later. 

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