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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A night on the town.

So, thanks to the lovely blokes who began scaffolding the place opposite at 6:15 AM, I’ve a bit more time than I’d planned so...
Warhorse was amazing! We laughed, we worried, we wept & we cheered. If you get to New York or London, or it goes on tour, it is a must. 
I would never have thought I could get so caught up in what is largely a puppet show but it was so well staged, with such simplicity, and such great lighting that you were swept up quickly. And then could spend the entire interval wondering about the engineering. And... well I'll stop before I say to much.
After the show, we headed to a place in the next road that advertised an ‘after theater prefix menue’ but was in fact closed. As were the next four places we tried so we headed off to Joe Allen’s which was fine with me as the one on Miami Beach has closed & I miss it but on the way, Himself spotted a ‘hangout’ that was having ‘Monday Madness’ which meant that it was full of young footballers & rugby players having burgers that were 50% off. I was very conflicted but, they had Kentucky bourbon and with my very large burger & chips being only 2.50, I could have another drink (or 2) so we went in. It was actually very good. 
After, a quick walk to the underground (in the rain to make the effect complete) and we were soon back at the flat all tucked up for the night. 
The car will be here soon to take us to the car hire place & I must still pack my new french press & a few other things so, more later.

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