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Friday, August 19, 2011

A quiet finish

So at 8:00, we walked down the road to a lovely place for a meal. The service people were very nice, although, I think we frightened away the young man who took our drinks order... it was his first day and after playing 20 questions about the brands of whiskey, the difference between scotch, Irish, Tennessee & Kentucky, the brands of vodka, and the wine list, it was hours before we saw him in another part of the restaurant.
I got to see the look of shock on Dennis’ face when they turned people away at 8:15. He didn’t believe me when I’d said the town shut at 9:00 but it was practically deserted when we walked back at 9:45. Mark retired & Dennis, Christopher & I played Monopoly until a bit after midnight. We were the last up & had to turn out the lights for the land lord.
To day, we’re striking out for points north mostly... Grassmere, Buttermere, and chapel Stile (where I stayed at Ivy Cottage in 1982 and walked to church in the snow in June) and any other village that gets in our way.

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