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Friday, August 12, 2011

Meanwhile, back at the flat...

So everyone woke up, we made some calls to make and/or firm up arrangements for the next few days with people here in town and we were, all showered, refreshed and out & about by around 6:30.

We stopped at the desk downstairs to inquire about a few things like, we've discovered that there's no coffee maker or hand/dish/paper towels in our flat. The afternoon/evening young lady at the desk seemed bewildered by the whole conversation. I got the feeling that she'd ever heard of coffee never mind a coffee maker, & she said she'd have to check on towels. Wait 'till we complain that the once cube tray has cracked in half! We'll try with the morning person. She seems a bit more with it.

We bought passes & hopped on the underground a block from our flat and headed to Covent Garden. I of course got Piccadilly Circus in my mind & got off the train there. Fortunately, Dennis, Mark & Himself followed me (rather than saying "Oh, let him go. He'll find his way home eventually!) And more fortunately, Dennis realized the error immediately so we turned round & got on the next train... Of course, it was the height of the rush hour & getting onto both trains was a lot like getting a 350 pound man into a size 30 speedo... NOT PRETTY! We rode the two more stops & came up into a lovely evening with throngs of youngish people standing about having a pint in front of their favorite pubs in the square with street musicians scattered about.

We took a round a bout walk through French Connection where I realized, I'm to old, to the market & beyond to a lovely Middle Eastern place recommended by friends where we stopped for a meal. The food was great. The service was good too until sundown when the ENTIRE staff went to the cellar to say their Ramadan Prayers & break their fast. I'll give them that they were hungry as the sun didn't set 'till 9ish & they'd been fasting all day but it was a looooooong time between courses.

A quick ride home & we're all in bed by 10:30 (except Himself who slept longest & most soundly.

Tomorrow, after we solve the coffee issue (Starbucks 'box of Joe from a block away & then I'll go to Marks & Sparks to pick up a cheap, like there is such a thing, french press) we'll go do touristy things. Under consideration are the millennium eye (I'm dying to, Dennis is willing, Himself refuses,) and the Churchill war museum. I think tomorrow, we divide & conquer.

Still no smell of smoke or other signs that there's been any trouble here.

Stay tuned for the net installment and good night Mrs. Minivere wherever you are.

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  1. I take it your are referring to Christopher as "himself" Ha! Ha! This is fun. Amazing technology with blogs and facebook.