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Friday, August 12, 2011

So here we are.

An absolutely un-eventful flight during which I slept a bit in spite of the size of the cheap seats. The flight was full, in fact it was over-booked & they were begging for volunteers to take a later flight through JFK which would arrive Heathrow 3.5 hours latter but as we'd already arranged ground transport, we didn't take up that offer.

We were met, as planned, by Dennis & Mark with car & handsome driver who delivered us to our flat (Harrington Court Apartments - how nice of Joyce Harrington o have a lovely old building converted to rather spacious flats for our use!) where we dropped our bags and headed to the V & A (Victoria & Albert Museum located just 3 blocks away) to do a tour of the medieval & renaissance exhibit. Beautiful things. Why can't I find workers like that in Dade County? I NEED all my doors inlaid.

After a couple of marvelous hours, some of us were feeling absolutely knackered so we headed to lunch at Greenfield's (not greenstreet's) Sidewalk Cafe and then, feeling slightly better we went off to Tesco for provisions and returned to Harrington Court to put them all away and unpack.
So far, not one burnt out building, fire, barricaded road, thrown brick, or even the smell of smoke in the air.
Now all my lazy companions are napping and I'm marveling at the ficticiousness of British air conditioning. Fortunately, it isn't remotely hot out and once the works crew and the renovations workers across the road cease for the day, we can open the windows & be MUCH more cool. It's currently 71 with a low expected of about 59 (Fahrenheit.)
The other English eccentricities that will be difficult (for some of us) are the total un-awareness of Kentucky bourbons. I might be forced to drink Tennessee whiskey for the duration but pray for a large spirits shop to be around the next bend. And of course, the fact that ice cubes are considered... un-necessary. The flat comes with an ice cube tray - ONE (1) - that makes - EIGHT (8) - ice cubes at a time. Eventually. They did/do not see any reason why the tray should be full of ice when you check in.

Well, this is more than I'd planned to post so I'll go finish un-packing & perhaps press a few shirts while I wait to see if everyone is gong to get up for dinner or just sleep through. I hate jet-lag. Mine will set in just as we sit down to dinner. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll learn to add a photo with a post !

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  1. My prescription for jet lag is (no surprise) naps and water. You've missed a few hours sleep.

    I know just where you are, Russell! And the British will be complaining of a heat wave at 71. No ice cubes is the norm.

    Thanks for the great blog - I'll follow. I love the format. Is that your picture in the background?