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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our last big move

So... Off we went, on the ‘shortest route’ setting of the Garmin quite by accident. The road was not as bad as yesterday’s trip but... we turned a 3 1/2 hour drive into an 8 hour odyssey  There were lots of stops but many were 5 minute breaks mostly to do with needing to release a bit of tension from things like - leaning away from the shear drop for the last 30 minutes!
We went through some of the most amazing countryside on the face of the planet. We stopped at a marina for hot chocolate and watched a woman swimming in water that was colder than the beer at the local pub. We stopped in the town of Pinrith where there was reputedly a great museum but we were misled and only stayed 15 or 20 minutes. We found the most marvelous pub in the middle of nowhere (a village with about 10 houses in sight,all farms and far apart) for a wonderful lunch. We stopped in Housesteads at the most well preserved section of Hadrian’s wall where there’s a museum & the excavations of the old fort dating from the early 1st century and manned by Roman soldiers until the 5th century. Very interesting. More interesting was the realization that every meadow wall, every barn, every house for MILES, had been built by dismantling the surviving remains of the oldest structures in the area.
we headed on down roads that were bigger and roads that were worse but at every turn the view was amazing.
Having dawdled so much, we didn’t reach the house in Peebles (just outside of Edinburgh) until about six. We unloaded and unpacked, put in a load of laundry and then Dennis  I headed for Salisbury's and got provisions. Came home & Himself did very nice chicken boobs with sauteed veg and salad. Did more laundry. There’s no dryer so there are boxes, briefs & socks hanging EVERYWHERE. Tomorrow we’ll take them to the launderette to dry them otherwise, they might never.
Bed soon. Must see what time services are in the AM. 

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  1. Amazing countryside, marvelous pub, interesting walls built from ruins, amazing turns - the things that happen by accident are the ones I love best. What a wonderful trip you have had! Thanks for the great pictures too.