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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A day for a drive

Good morning everyone. 
Last night’s journey to Widnes was splendid. Himself & Garmin got us there in 30 minutes (at half past five) without a hitch and we had tea and a nice visit with Elsie, saw the improvements to the gardens, and a nice chat over the fence with Ray & Frances.  Just before half-six, we grabbed the cheese tray and headed out for the short drive to Jon’s, Elsie not being up to the walk, and were met enthusiastically by Archie, his Shiatsu. His daughter Beth was there & as we were about to sit down to dinner, the older child, Sadie, called in for a few minutes. I hadn’t seen either of the girls since Jon’s 40th birthday weekend 14 years ago. It’s very sobering to see the babe in the photo in my hall a married young woman. Damn... I think I need a cane.
After drinks on the terrace in the back garden on a beautiful evening we went to table where Jon had outdone himself as usual, in spite of not leaving the shoppe until twenty past five.
There was wine, a starter of smoked salmon & prawns (I got Jon’s salmon & he got my prawns) followed by chicken breast stuffed with herbs & cheese with asparagus, carrots and boiled new potatoes, followed by an apricot tart and champagne, followed by lovely cheeses with crackers & grapes. The conversation was a great combo of gossip about people we know in common, travel experiences & future plans.
After dinner, we saw a few photos from Sadie’s wedding this past June and all to soon it was getting late, which sneaks up on you when the sun doesn’t set until after nine, and time to take Elsie home & make our way back to Oddfellows, our hotel in Chester. It is, Marie, just next to the Grovesnor inside the city wall sparking many fond memories of Janet’s birthday trip.
Of course, I carried the camera & took 1 photo of the garden & not a one of Elsie or Jon!
Home, nightcap in the pub and sleep.
Now, to shower, dress, breakfast and then have a turn round the city before we set off for Ambleside and The Olde Vicarage... 

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